This was a proposed itinerary. It has been revised.

Date Location Reason Distance
12/05/2015 Equestrian Centre Tow training
BIG4 Goulburn caravan park Practice caravan setup and pack up 200km
Canberra See Pops. Pick up frisbee 70km
22/05/2015 Queenbeyan 4wd training
Thomas Boyd Trackhead, Tumut Hydro Electric scheme, free camping practice, walking 194 km
06/06/2015 Jingellic Reserve, Jingellic Start of Murray, Historic Hotel, kayak 108Km
Pericoota Beach, Perricoota State Forest Basic bush site, 4WD, kayak, walking, red woods 380km
14/06/2015 BIG4 Bendigo Marong Holiday Park Gold fields 150KM
BIG4 Golden River Caravan Park Kayak, Balooning?, Fruit picking (grapes) 401 km
22/06/2015 Penrose Park, Silverton Broken Hill, Set of Mad Max & Pricilla 320 km
Appila Springs Camping and Picnic Area, Appila Historic town, Fill water tanks 375km
Leigh Creek Flinders Range, 4WD 304km
Curdimurka Desert, Lake Eyre, 4WD 219KM
30/06/2015 Big4 Outback Resort, Coober Pedy Opals, Pizza, Art, Sunsets 270km
Kulgera Road house (or border rest area) Powered site =a/c, (or border) 454 km
Ayres Rock Campground, Yulara Uluru 300km
Kings Creek Station, Kings Canyon Kings Canyon 290km
Glen Helen Resort, West Mcdonald Ranges Swimming, Hiking, Gorges 210km
Ti Tree Road House, Ti Tree Powered site =a/c, tavern 325 km
08/07/2015 Warrego Fossicking Area, Tenant Creek Gold (metal detectors?) 314km
Dunmarra Caravan park/road house 357km
King West, Katherine Katherine 315km
12/07/2015 Goymarr, Mary River Salties, Roadhouse, Kakadu 150km
Big4 Hayes Creek Hot springs, Fill up LPG 151km
16/07/2015 Darwin 165km
Victoria River Road house 510km
20/07/2015 Lake Argyle Kayak 317 km
Roper river,Mataranka We of the Never Never 800km
26/07/2015 Rocky Bar Crossing Freshies, great 4×4 trips
30/07/2015 Mt Isa Mines 1349km
06/08/2015 Toowoomba Relies 1699km
10/08/2015 Gold Coast Fun 185km
Byron Bay Ashleigh's request 91km
16/08/2015 Home Money! 769km

5 thoughts on “Itinerary”

  1. Very impressive ACA. We’ll look forward to the updates and the rest of the map. See youse on May 10 for the “open caravan” day.

  2. My hope is that you will be ‘happy wanderers’. One quote from the song is this: ‘…and may we always laugh and sing beneath a bright blue sky’. That’s my wish for you on this jolly adventure. Looking forward so much to feedback from Ashleigh and a photo of A’leigh at Leigh Creek. I believe Grandpa Edward John was offered a job at Leigh Creek back in the fifties but decided instead to see out his time with the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.
    God bless all three, Therese

  3. I will follow the trek with interest. I expect a photo from Goulburn strategically parked exactly behind the you know what.

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