Termite mounds in the outback

Termite mounds are quite common in the outback, but not ubiquitous. You can drive for 100 km with them everywhere and then another 100 with none. At one of the rest areas, I saw how they formed.

The termite mound starts on a piece of grass
The termite mound starts on a piece of grass

At this place I saw them form on blades of grass. They also form on boulders, street signs and metal posts. Oddly, they never seem to form on dead wood.

From the simple beginnings, they seem to grow organically.


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  1. Enjoyed your account of Winton and the dinosaurs. Amazing the patience that must be needed by volunteers who are cleaning up the bones. Any indication as to how they fir together to try and reproduce the original skeleton?

    Enjoyed our phone chat toda.


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