Road to Cobar

White flowers like snow
White flowers like snow

The road from Broken Hill to Cobar was astonishingly green. It had clearly rained a lot recently. As a result, we saw a lot of wild life on this leg – more than we had seen throughout Northern Territory and South Australia put together. The winner of the group was this spiky fellow. He began digging in when he saw Dog.


We saw a lot of emus, but this one had chicks so was quite hard to catch. Pardon the pixelation.


Dog could not get near these, so had to do with their smaller cousins


There were other young ones too


…and even some trees were in the mood for spring


We pulled over at MtĀ  Grenfell Historic Site to see the Aboriginal Art. The reserve was badly sign posted and we inadvertently took off on a 3 hour walk up a mountain and only discovered our error after 45 minutes. I suppose that would cost us $80 at a gym, so we should not complain, and we did get to see the art in the end too.