Wildlife in Canberra

PossumOn the dog walks, I am seeing quite a bit of wildlife. This evening I saw a fox – I thought it was a cat a first, but by the time I had the camera ready, it had disappeared.

Possums are easier to catch – they just pop up a tree and then watch.

ParrotsThe bird life lets you get a little closer, but I need to take the big camera to catch them properly.


The one bit of wildlife that did not run away is very familiar. I remember this from a French book translated into English that I read when I was ten. It was responsible for the death of the old king. Anyone else recognise it?


Farewell to Goulburn

GoulburnWarMemorial3We have left Goulburn, but have many good memories. On the last day we visited the War Memorial on the hill. It was a foggy morning. Foggy mornings in Goulburn start around 6am and continue to midday. This shot of the war memorial was taken at 11:00 am and the sun was only just visible.

The War Memorial is on a high hill with a great view of Goulburn and the valley around (except on foggy mornings). The hill is an interesting geological formation – a white metamorphic rock that broke into cubic chunks.


We did have an interesting learning experience as we left. In levelling the caravan, I must have wound the jockey wheel up past the end of the thread. Even though I perfectly backed the tow ball under the trailed coupling, there was no safe way to drop it down the last 5 cm. Nothing I had could reach.


Fortunately a fellow caravanee had a hydraulic jack that we could place on a couple of bricks under the frame and jack it up. Experience is invaluable in this game.