Stickers maketh the holiday.

When I was little, I often got a sticker book to start off the holiday. I recall a book of the Battle of Waterloo with beautifully attired French, British and Prussian cavalrymen as stickers. I arranged then in a hopelessly tangled melee. I think my brother got a sticker book of an airport with jet aircraft. These he arranged so as to loose the bowels of even the most hardened air traffic controller. The stuff of holidays.

20150512_104414This holiday actually needed stickers on the van – as part of the Tow-ed course. This little beauty requires me to be over 7.5 metres  in length. The  caravan is 6.5 metres on its own, so I am a shoe-in! With it, I can turn left from the right hand lane, which I joyfully did on leaving Sydney.

The next cool stickers went on the front of the van. lf you look carefully, you will see a Firefox on either end of the van and two penguins in between. (You may need to tap on the image to get a close up. )

20150512_104458When you are reversing the van, you turn to full lock the wrong way and reverse slowly until you see the SECOND penguin. Then stop and turn full lock the right way. Then reverse slowly keeping that second penguin in view. If you see the second Firefox, stop and go forwards as you are about to jack knife.

20150512_104517This last sticker means Gnu is not Unix. Once you get started with stickers, it is hard to stop!


One thought on “Stickers”

  1. If you end up in Belgium, I know where you can get more stickers for the van. You’ll need to ask for “décalques” …. and you’ll also need to buy a big B … and when you refuel, get me some more smurf stickers!

    Speaking of which, will you be putting on a NSW sticker, to declare your allegiance?

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