The Hat

The hat I received as a farewell present from work seems to be very popular. It is a beauty, made of crocodile skin. I keep having to take it back.

Alex saying farewell with the hat
Alex saying farewell with Anna in the hat
Therese also likes the hat
Therese also likes the hat
Even Pip has taken a shine to the hat
Even Pip has taken a shine to the hat

It looks like I need to get used to the hat with corks!

5 thoughts on “The Hat”

  1. The hat reminds me of a British comedy television series called THE GOODIES, a surreal slapstick comedy about trio of characters whose motto is “We do anything anywhere anytime”, however most of their activities are generally benevolent (hence the title) but occasionally ridiculous.

    They need more attractions for their Celebrity safari park, and when they hear that Rolf Harris has been spotted in the Australian outback, they come down under and all go to a shop to get authentic cork hats.

    Bill’s hat still has bottles attached to the corks. 🙂

    When they get Rolf Harris back to England, he is unhappy. Graham says that there used to be thousands of Rolf Harrises in Australia but they were facing extinction with only about a dozen still surviving. They get another Rolf Harris and start a breeding program. This soon gets chaotic with Britain overrun by a plague of millions of Rolf Harrises.

    Queen Anonymous announces that anyone who can bring the Rolf population under control will get to marry Charles or receive a hundred OBEs.

    The Goodies dress up like Pied Pipers with wobble boards and entice most of the Rolfs into a television studio and shut them in.

  2. I think the crocodile hat is cool too, but how can one not love the cork hat?!? Sofia would have loved to see that.

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