Visit to the National Gallery Of Australia

CranesSketchSchool is not so bad the second time around!

Ash and I went to the National Gallery of Australia today to try our hands at sketching. I gave Alex the choice of era and culture, and he chose Asian Art. We found ourselves seated in front of a Japanese screen featuring cranes. (I cannot think of anything harder to sketch than Japanese cranes – give me Paul Klee anytime!)

CranesOriginalAsh’s work is covered by an embargo, so I can’t show it here yet. Anyway, when my boss checks this attempt out, he will write ‘Software – ONLY software” on my employment file!

4 thoughts on “Visit to the National Gallery Of Australia”

  1. You are certainly having fun. Educational too, methinks. Of course we would love to get feedback from Ash. One day, I hope.
    Keep well and warm. Above all have fun. xxxxx

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